Take care

Saturday, 30 April 2011
Loving yourself is to care for your skin, hairs, body n health.Starting from your skin when u were born your skin was hydrated properly but with passage of time and with growing age your moisture keep going and that is the cause for your skin and hairs problems.As the moisture reduce your skin start fading, become dull, get patches, acne, blemishes and many other problems.And your hairs, if they were not curly by birth but with age they are getting dull n curls and losing their shine all this is just lack of moisture.

Getting back your moisture for all of your body is just the single way to gain and retain your beauty, flawless skin, shinny hairs, beautiful hands and soft feet.Following are the easy steps to get yourself properly moisturized and feel the difference.
  •  Start from drinking at least 8 glass of water daily. The best is to start your day with drinking water as the water drunk at that time wash away all your impurities but remember to drink just tap or warm water not chilled one.

  • Second once a week do apply a moisturizing mask to your skin. The mask can be these or anyone you know are well moisturizing. You can use simply yogurt as a simple but great moisturizing mask or mixture of turmeric powder, olive oil and lemon juice if you have acne or any skin problem.Olive oil and yogurt are great moisturizers turmeric powder is great antiseptic and lemon juice is to remove your skin excess oil and impurities. Include or exclude any ingredient which you think is not required or suitable for your skin.

  • Third keep moisturizing your scalp and hairs also. Use any oil or mixture of many oils for your hair care before every time you shampoo. You can also use mixture of yogurt and olive oil as hair mask or henna and water mixed well for moisturizing and coloring your hairs.egg suits your scalp you can use mayonnaise as a best moisturizing mask for your hairs.Always use conditioner after shampooing its really up to your choice which conditioner you want to use but i recommend hot oil conditioners.


  • Next is to keep your hands and feet moisturized best is to get yourself manicure and pedicure once in two weeks or at least once in a month. If you don't wish to do that then better is to just dip your hands and feet in warm water added in lemon juice, few drops of shampoo, salt and rose water. After dipping for 10-15 min scrub them and apply a good moisturizing lotion or body butter. This will keep your hands and feet soft.

  • And now moisturizing your whole body just give your body rest in warm water added with liquid soap, salt, lemon juice and rose water. This will keep your body skin fresh and hydrated. Your all over skin will be soft and flawless without any skin problem.
After applying these all tips and tricks on your self you will really feel a difference not only in your skin but also you will feel relaxed and stress free.

Get started

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Women is full of love and care. In every relation she is there to give love and care to others n do always dream a great love in return.As a mother, as a house wife, as a working lady she don't have time to take care of herself handling up so many things, tackling them all at a time she can't even have a look on her self and that do make her look like ten years older than she is in real, this is the trauma of her life. Is it for what she dreamed all of her life? She have dreamed of a love filled relation though out her life n to growing older with her loved one with ever green love n affection.But with the time all the love go deep down under the burden of work, responsibilities, taking care of others etc.

She also need time to make love with herself taking care of her as she do before,dressing up nicely for some one special, make her look prettier for a special night out, making love with her loved one, basically time for her to relax n to live back in her past for some while.Having such treats for yourself also give your love n relation a long lasting life. You should arrange these special movements for you n your loved one often to give fresh air to your love.

Other than this you should also give time to your body taking care n giving love to your self. As we know men always love the young looking beauties so you should care for yourself to look pretty n young even at the age of 30 or 40.Daily give some time say an hour to you doing daily care for your self, this will not only make you feel fresh n young but will also increase your life span n also let him say that you are growing pretty n prettier as you are growing older.

Giving love to others is great but do also remember your self, all the love is with your existence so to give love to others first love your self. Make your self live longer, healthy, happy n young :)

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